As well as purchasing clothing that is vegan and sustainable, we also need to consider what we put on our feet. To create footwear that is durable throughout the seasons, many brands believe that animal products such as leather must be used. But, this isn’t the case – ELLISS has discovered 10 vegan shoe brands that you need to know about. Read on for more!

1. Sydney Brown

Crafted from innovative natural materials such as pressed pineapple and coconut fibres, Sydney Brown combines creativity with sustainability to bring you the ultimate shoe. This brand is a mixture of femininity and natural aesthetics, producing heels and platforms (created using German beechwood) that would be perfect for day or night-wear.

2. Good News

Good News strive to create environmentally and social sustainable shoes by reducing their carbon, chemical and water footprint, whilst caring for the people who make their shoes. Using recycled rubber soles, organic cotton and weave uppers and a recycled eco-lite footbed they have covered all basis. A must have.

3. Collection & Co

Established in 2016, Collection & Co strives to create vegan footwear with the use of non-animal leathers and non-animal glues. The brand also develops projects to reuse materials that have been discarded or left over from previous collections. These projects include using discarded fishing nets for a healthy sea initiative and turning them into bags, as well as collaborating with Pinatex who create natural fibres out of pineapple leaves.

4. Bhava studio

Who said occasion dressing couldn’t be sustainable? Bhava combines thoughtful designs with sparkle and comfort to bring you a range of shoes. Choose from pumps, heels, mules or winter boots without harming the “fashion victims” that they talk about on their website. These include the animals, the planet, the workers, and you! This brand encourages you to be compassionate when purchasing and that’s something we can all get behind!

5. Matt & Nat

Although it may sound like the name of two founders, ‘Matt and Nat’ actually stands for “material” and “nature” and the brand represents the relationship between the two. Their values include social responsibility, inclusiveness, authenticity and love. They continually invest in research and development to discover new materials that they can use in their footwear. The brand can be spotted in over 800 boutiques as well as online.



Bridging the gap between practicality and elegance, Studio Amelia offers a minimal, contemporary solution to croc vegan synthetic leather sandals. Ranging in a variety of bold yet easily wearable colours, ‘barely there’ details and refined silhouettes, studio Amelia is the go-to vegan shoe brand for women who care for ethical practices but don’t wish to sacrifice their style. Emily Amelia Inglis, the creative director takes an unconventional approach to design, drawing shapes on her feet with eyeliner first to achieve the most flattering and simple style.

7. Topshop Vegan Collection

Looking for an accessible option to cruelty free leather shoes but don’t want to break the bank? You can now shop easy and more affordable high-street options thanks to Topshop’s vegan shoe collections. Approved by PETA and made from the highest quality materials completely free from animal products, there are a variety of everyday yet chic styles ranging from boots, to mules, to block heel sandals, to flats in bold colours or funky prints.

8. Vagabond Vegan Collection

Crafted from quality synthetic PU leather with insoles made of cork, Swedish shoe brand Vagabond’s “Non-animal Collection” is part of their initiative towards conscious consumption. Recognising a growing desire from compassionate customers for sustainable and cruelty free options, Vagabond’s vegan shoes come in their signature platform styles that can take you from day to night, as well as stylish trainers and contemporary sandals. We are excited for their new summer collection!

9. Tropicfeel

If you’re on the road a lot or need some vegan shoes to take travelling with you then Tropicfeel is a brand you definitely should consider. Tropicfeel create all of their shoes from recycled plastics and eco-friendly materials and weigh only 7 ounces! Whilst they’re still suitable for exercising or hiking, their light-weight property means that they can be transported easily and comfortably.

10. Golden Ponies

From beginning as an Etsy shop, Golden Ponies has been continuing to grow since it started in 2008. The company is based in Mexico, where all of the products are designed and handmade in family-owned factories. Products are made-to-order, unlike anything you’d find on the high-street and use only cruelty-free materials such as faux leather.

Drop us an email with your favourite vegan or sustainable shoe brands, we love to hear your thoughts!