We work with four small manufacturers in Slovenia. All of our factories are amazing in their own unique way and every one follows a strict recycling regime. Let us introduce you to the first factory that took us under their wing, Liniatex!

Liniatex is run by husband and wife duo, Dušan and Saša. They have worked with the same team for the last 20 years and are all lovely! All workers have guaranteed minimum wage plus numerous other benefits including paid commute costs, paid lunch breaks, sick pay and statutory 1 year maternity leave.

Liniatex is a family-owned Slovenian factory run by Saša and Dušan Rovansek

All fabric waste the factory produces is consciously processed, ensuring the fabric is cut carefully so the off-cuts are as small as possible. These off-cuts and threads are then sent to a processing plant where all waste is used to fill mattresses, as well as being used as insulation for the construction industry.

As well as Liniatex, we work with three other factories, who specialise in different areas of production. Banam uses boutique methods and carefully cuts our mesh pieces to ensure the perfect print placement. Mi & Lan are based in rural Slovenia, this means they have a slightly larger set up to work on our repeat styles, which they are able to cut in multiples.

As a sustainable and conscious brand, sourcing eco-friendly fabric of the highest quality is a top priority for us! All of our fabrics are either organic or recycled. These fabrics are light, breathable and kind to your skin as well as having a low impact on the earth. We work hard to ensure every part of our sampling and production process is as environmentally friendly and ethical as possible!