Keeping ourselves fit and active can be challenging, and that’s before we consider if what we are wearing is vegan and sustainable! ELLISS has taken the stress out of sportswear shopping with the list below of the top 20 vegan and sustainable activewear brands that you need to know about.


Miakoda is a loungewear brand based and locally made in the city of New York. The collections are made up of clothing that is great for working out or practising yoga and are available in sizes from XS to XL. Many of the garments are simple with a unique pattern or colour set, making them easy to wear and pair with other pieces. The collections are all made from plant-based fabrics so you can rest assured that these products are cruelty-free. Instead, blends of bamboo, organic cotton, lyocell and soy are used and scrap fabric is re-used where possible.


Mandala is an eco-friendly brand that originated in Germany but now ships internationally. One of the main issues when shopping for women’s activewear is finding a sports bra that’s comfortable and supportive – this is where Mandala specialises. They are well-known for their creative eco-friendly tops with built-in bras that are made from organic cotton, Tencel lyocell and recycled polyester. They pride themselves on offering workers fair wages, under fair working conditions.

People Tree

Every women’s sportswear collection requires some comfortable basics. People Tree is well-loved for their collection of basic leggings, vest tops and t-shirts that are easy to wear and stylish for a range of activewear trends. All of their pieces are entirely organic and fair trade certified which makes the brand even more lovable. They use fair trade certified organic cotton and their products are manufactured in certified factories – you can rest assured that this supply chain is one you’ll be proud to purchase from.

Girlfriend Collective

ELLISS loves

While other brands are widely bought for their unique patterns and funky colour sets, Girlfriend Collective is famous for its solid colour sets that look unbelievably chic. All of their pieces are made from recycled PET which is the bi-product of plastic bottles – preventing the product from going to landfill or polluting our oceans. Choose from bras, leggings and shorts which are suitable for flexible movement in a range of sports activities. The great thing about this brand is they’re one of the most inclusive brands that we have encountered, with sizes ranging from XXS to XXXL. You can shop Girlfriend Collective at The Sports Edit stores in London!

Nice to meet me

Some of the best activewear brands have been founded by sportspeople who know what we need when it comes to comfort, flexibility and style. That’s exactly how Nice To Meet Me came about. Co-founded by a yoga teacher, the brand specialises in exercise wear in organic cotton, Tencel and recycled fibres. All textiles are GOTS certified which means that they have limited their use of any toxic chemicals which harm not only the environment but also our bodies too.

Elle Evans

One of the main issues with fast-fashion in the activewear industry is when factories churn out many of products that exceed the demand and go on to be wasted. Elle Evans has taken this issue head-on with a made-to-order business model of swimwear and sportswear. Most of her garments are made from Econyl which is a regenerated nylon material created from components such as recycled fishing nets. They also work hard to reduce their waste and re-use any scrap fabrics that they do accumulate.

Groceries Apparel

“Athletic leggings with a stylish twist” is how Groceries Apparel describe this garment. If you’re looking to add something a bit more “out there” to your activewear range, this could be the store for you. Created with sustainable materials and natural dyes (instead of the nasty toxic chemicals that are often used), this brand is one that we love. They claim that they are redefining transparency when it comes to their supply chain, so you’re guaranteed to receive a product that has had a sustainable manufacturing process.


Although activewear needs to be comfortable enough to move and exercise in, we also love pieces that we can relax in too. Asquith London has created a collection with comfort in mind which we absolutely adore. Using only organic products such as bamboo and organic cotton, Asquith’s garments are created in a family-run factory in Turkey that aligns with fair trade certifications.


If you love to swim, dance or your version of active is lounging around the house we have the pieces for you! From Organic Cotton cycling shorts to recycled printed bikinis we have you covered! Our soft and sustainable pieces can take you from your morning coffee to your evening cocktail!


“Comfy clothing made with organic cotton” is one of the straplines on the Pact website, and it’s something that defines their collections. Great for shopping for activewear on a budget, Pact’s pieces are relatively low cost but this doesn’t mean that they have scrimped on quality. They use GOTS certified organic cotton to create their soft and wearable pieces and all garments are made in fair trade USA certified factories. The garments are cruelty-free and the brand does all that it can to be eco-conscious.


Patagonia is known as a brand who supports bringing funds to the triple bottom line – profit, people, and planet. Since the brand began producing outwear, they have consistently been committed to crafting pieces that are well-designed for lovers of the outdoors. If you’re looking for bodysuits, outerwear or fleeces that have been made with an eco-conscious mindset, Patagonia is the shop for you. They pride themselves on their organic fair trade manufacturing process and it’s pretty much guaranteed that the garments will be resistant to the elements.

Threads for Thoughts

Founded in 2006, Threads for Thoughts is a brand that gives back. Their partnership with the International Rescue Committee means that their profits are distributed to communities in need around the world – so you can feel good when you make a purchase! The fibres used include organic cotton, recycled polyester and Lenzing Modal which is often made by the cellulose of beech trees.


If you love the sound of a made-to-order brand that produces very little waste, you’ll love the sound of Adrenna. Although you’ll have to wait 14-21 days for your product to be created and manufactured, the brand gives you the option to choose your exact design and colours to suit your style. Using technical eco-fabrics from Italy and no animal products, the brand follows the motto of “the planet shouldn’t have to sweat while you do” and that’s something we can get behind!

Dharma Bums

With funky patterns, sustainable materials and cruelty-free policy, Dharma Bums is the trendy yoga brand that you didn’t know you needed. The garments are designed and manufactured in Australia, so expect a surfer chic influence and ultimate comfort. The company avoids using any harsh chemicals that can affect our skin and the environment and it does all it can to be eco-friendly throughout its operations.


Bhumi proudly claims that they use no genetically modified seeds in the production of their products and there is a strict rule of no toxic dyes. We often underestimate how many chemicals are used in the production of our clothing and this brand goes the extra mile. They promise that no hazardous synthetic pesticides are used which not only protects the environment but it is also beneficial for the farmers too.


Made from entirely sustainable sources, Orontay activewear claims to offer maximum comfort and performance while we’re working in the gym. To make it 10x better, there is no animal cruelty or mass pollution involved in the creation of any of their garments. They use Tencel fibres which give you excellent breathability and improved moisture absorption when you’re working out. They also offer smart bottles which allow you to reduce your plastic usage and monitor your hydration.

Vegan Athletic

Vegan athletic does not only offer zero waste and sustainable athleisure, but they also have created a community that thrives from a plant-based lifestyle. The packaging of their products is a big focus for this brand and they don’t individually wrap each product in a plastic bag, use swing tags or even tissue paper before they send them to you. This is all part of their zero-waste ethos. They have a range of collections from which profits go to environmental issues such as save the trees collection, ocean rescue collection and set them free (fight against cruelty to animals) collection.

Carrot Banana Peach

A funky and comfy collection of yoga clothes, fitness clothing and running wear, Carrot Banana and Peach are a brand that we can get behind. All of their products are created from plant-based fibres including extractions from bamboo, soybean, aloe vera and organic cotton. Because they spend so much time sourcing their materials, their garments are super comfortable and soft – you won’t want to take them off after exercising!

Moonchild Yoga

Moonchild Yoga is a boutique that was founded in 2015 in Denmark. The patterns and colours used on the pieces are heavily inspired by the Scandinavian landscape and you’ll find some truly unique pieces when you start to browse their store. True to their Danish routes, the brand is all about feminism and minimalism and there are some great basic items in here that you’ll want to wear repeatedly! They take extra time in sourcing their fabrics and use fibres such as cork and bamboo. All of their production is carried out in EU facilities which they visit regularly to oversee their production line.


WE-AR have carefully selected textiles based on those that they believe are long lasting. All of their simple yet trendy pieces are inspired by nature and they are most famous for their organic yoga clothing. Their cotton production cycle is one to be proud of with regular crop rotation and zero chemicals to support the environment and local farmers.

Indigo Luna

Indigo Luna is a family-run business that is well-loved for their comfortable leggings and swimwear. Their garments are created from Italian recycled Econyl which material harvested from discarded fishing nets. The stand-out patterns of their pieces will certainly keep you feeling confident at the gym and you can rest assured that the production process is entirely cruelty-free.

Here at ELLISS, we love to support other brands who are trying to make an eco-change. Make small changes such as swapping your sports bra for an organic brand before switching your entire fast-fashion wardrobe for the sustainable alternative. Which of the brands above will you take to the home gym first?