Wearing ~ 

Nu1900 T and Nu Briefs

Fleece Jumper and Briefs

Charcoal Rib Body

ELLISS High Neck T

Plush Sand Bra and High Brief

Plush Charcoal Bra and High Briefs

Rust Velour Zip Pull and Blue Briefs

The Naked Body

Sagittarius Female T


Fabrication ~

Organic and Recycled


Brick House, Isle of Grain


Industrial Containers, Isle of Grain


Flowers, Isle of Grain


Grass and Storage Tank, Isle of Grain


Photography ~ Samuel Bradley

Styling ~ Patricia Villirillo

Hair ~ Tom Wright

Makeup ~ Philippe Miletto

Featuring ~ Claire Lemaigre and Eliza Collin 

Photography Assistant ~ Daragh Soden