Sisal Soap Bag


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These soap bags are a perfect pairing with the French Pink Clay soap bars or Activated Charcoal soap bars!

Made with sisal which is a completely natural fibre derived from the agave sisilana plant and is more durable than other natural fibres, it is then knitted into small travel size pouches for a handy way to store your soaps.

The textured surface of the bags ensure that more foam is produced when using the soap so you can get more lather which further invigorates the skin.

Natural soap lasts longer when allowed to dry out between usage so these handy knitted bags are ideal for making the most of your soap bars!

A little about our manufacturing

We work with two small manufacturers. Our London factory is based in the same building as the garments are designed, allowing us to be involved at every stage of production. We also work with a family run factory in Slovenia where all offcuts from production are recycled and used in the construction industry. We produce in very limited quantities so you are buying something very special to you.

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