Paper Decoration Kit


A flatpack angel and a ‘make at home’ paper decoration kit to enjoy over the winter holidays. Please see ‘STORY’ for contents and ‘WASH AND CARE’ for instructions. Use code PAPERART at the checkout for free UK shipping.

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The kit includes:

1 x flat pack angel with hanger

5 x hangers

6 x hand selected sheets from vintage erotic magazines

4 x angel assembly tabs

You will end up with a set of 6 decorations to hang around the home or on your tree! 3 Angels and 3 Paper Baubles.

In addition you will need 1 x glue stick and 1 x pair of scissors *not included

Wash and Care

Please see images and follow assembly instructions below:

Flat pack angel

  1. Peel off the backing to reveal the adhesive strip on the white tabs pictured in image 2 & 3
  2. stick the angels head to the body *image faces towards the tabs as in image 4

Make your own angels

  1. Select your angels face
  2. Reinforce the face by glueing either a scrap piece of magazine/scrap paper/card to the back
  3. Cut her out!
  4. Take a page from the selection and cut in half along the short edge.
  5. Concertina the two pieces starting from where you made the cut.
  6. Glue the two pieces together to about 2/3 of the way up (where the clip is placed in image 8)
  7. Fold down the arms and glue them to the body (as on the flatpack angel)
  8. Attach two white tabs to the shoulder (as on the flatpack angel)
  9. Glue your angels face to the body and use the calabash safety pin to hang her up!

Make your own paper baubles

  1. Select the page you would like to use
  2. Cut 7 strips of the same width
  3. Cut the strips to lenght: A – Cut shortest, B x 2 Cut about 1 cm longer than A, C x 2 Cut about 1cm longer than B
  4. Glue both B strips to A
  5. Glue both C strips to B
  6. Use the safety pin to hang her up!

A little about our manufacturing

We work with three small European manufacturers where all offcuts from production are recycled and used in the construction industry. We produce in very limited quantities so you are buying something very special to you.